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 Shanika Stewart   Google reviews
a month ago
I was in a near fatal accident that damaged the whole left side of my Honda Accord. The insurance company wanted to total loss my vehicle. In my pursuit to find someone to fix car I came across Prestige Auto. I sent them estimate of insurance company with pictures of my vehicle in "torn down state". After reviewing documents and photos, they went to pick up vehicle and fixed vehicle. They saved me a few hundred dollars that was needed to not have my vehicle go to chopping block. Jamal and Mike where very helpful in process. It them a little over month to fix vehicle and when I got it back it looked brand new. Mike showed me pieces from the job. I didn't know how major work was. But I'm grateful they saved me headache of looking for another vehicle. It took me six months to find that car.
Tatiana Dragan 4 months agoThose guys helped me out so much! I am a woman who gets anxiety dealing with any auto related issues. They are just wonderful and made me believe not all shops trying to screw you over! Thanks again. I never do reviews, but this shop truly deserves it!
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Dayna T.    I had an excellent experience. The owner was genuinely concerned about keeping the price within my budget! They did an awesome job for a reasonable price and I am thoroughly impressed.

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From T White, Sr. (  Author Name T White, Sr. Author Email Comment Date 8/30/2013 Comment I operate a state farm Insurance Agency serving MD, DC, and VA.....for over 10 years I have had clients and personally myself use Prestige Collision. The owner Mike has been not only a true professional, but the workmanship, the ease of service, and the quality of repair has kept me repeatedly coming back and referring customers. God Bless you Mike and the Prestige Collision Team. Keep up the good work.


Let me just say this is the BEST BODY SHOP I have ever went to! Mike and Jameil were SUPER NICE and patient with me. They treat people with respect and really look out for you when it comes to taking care of your car. They kept me updated as far as getting information and payment from my insurance. I can't explain how happy I was when i finally picked up my car! It looked like it never been hit at all! I highly recommend my friends, family, and who ever else that needs body work done to their car. You wont be disappointed! Will be a life long customer to Prestige (hopefully not too often hahaha)
reviewed July 2013
Hi guys, I had a 2003 Acura TL 3.2. It was real banged up! I mean there were dents all over the hood, roof, chrome window molding, doors and etc. I had at least 20 dents. The right fender was banged up and rusted, The left back door was terribly dented.. I called around to different shops to see how much it would cost to replace those parts and paint the whole car. The cheapest I could find was a ridiculous amount of 3400-3500 dollars!! I came to Prestige Collision, talked to the owner (Mike) who was real honest and experienced, and paid about $1200 less! They replaced my fender, replaced the door skin/panel, and fixed every last dent that was on that car. They painted the whole car Sundance Gold just like I asked and It came out wonderful! The paint I got was an expensive stock Acura color and they mixed it perfectly. All my friends were going crazy over my new paint job. I mean the car looked spanking brand new, everyone loved it. They couldn't believe that it was the same car. I would highly recommend that you guys check this place out. Just let them take their time to do their job perfectly and everything will be fine. Oh and by the way, While I was waiting for my car they gave me a courtesy rental for dirt cheap! It really doesn't get better than that!

Joseph McKee reviewed July 2013 s Quality ExcellentI brought my new car in for an estimate on scratches. the estimator told me I might be able to buff them out myself. Very helpful, but, above all, honest. He was right and I took care of the scratches myself. I will go to Prestige if ever needed.

Pedro ‎ - Dec 13, 2011 This is far out the 'Best' place to go to when your car needs collision repairs!. The experience was marvelous for my 1st accident. Well, not the accident itself but getting to discover a great treasure in my own area that i live by. Just meeting the owner for the first time was a excellent experience. Very courteous during the whole process and took good care of me when i needed a ride. As far as the work performed on my car, it far exceeded my expectation and was very pleased when i got it back. Great staff and crew members as well. If your looking for a body shop or been in an accident that most of us don't expect, then Prestige collision is the right place to go to. If i ever get into an accident and whether I'm at fault or not, the only place i would go to is Prestige for repairs. Thanks Prestige!.
Jess ‎ - Nov 26, 2011 I am always impressed by the fantastic customer service and excellent job that Prestige does with my car! I have been to them three times, and each time my expectations are more than exceeded. I will continue to recommend this place to everyone I know, because it's so hard to find a great body shop these days; especially one that not only does a phenomenal job fixing up cars, but also delivers great customer service. 
  Maureen ‎ - Nov 25, 2011 Did an amazing job on the hood of my car! Great prices, very accommodating. Prestige's estimate for my car was half of what I'd pay for if I'd gone to DARCARS. I'm not new to accidents and body repairs. This place was, by far, the best body repair shop I've been to. 
Google.Bubba July 31, 2011 Prestige is the epitome of customer service. They were in contact with us every step of the way from intake of our wrecked vehicle through pickup. They ensured that we were a part of the decision-making process and that we were happy with the work that they had done. And their work was unquestionably some of the best we have ever seen! We cannot praise this business higher. If your vehicle needs the kind of care you could get from Prestige, trust us, you could not find a better business with which to work.They are simply outstanding at what they do. 
   Ben Mar 7, 2010 Prestige is hands down the BEST I have had the unfortunate need of a body shop many times in my life. Although I have taken my car to several different shops to get repairs, Prestige has been by far and away the best repair shop ever. So far I have taken my car to them for 3 separate incidents and each time the staff was courteous and their work was of the highest quality possible. Besides the quality of their work the prices are absolutely the most affordable I have ever seen, many times coming in under 50% of my insurance estimate. If you want the highest quality of work at the lowest possible price,there is nowhere else to look, you just cant beat Prestige. Whether you live 5 miles away or 500, you wont find a better body shop, always take your car to prestige. 
  Casey ‎ - Jan 15, 2010 Best Body Work Experience Ever!!! Recently, I had to have some body work on my car done after backing into a truck. The left side of my car was dented in two places and I had a lot of paint missing. I brought it to Maaco and Prestige Collision for estimates, and Prestige Collision beat Maaco's estimate big time. Prestige Collision had my car back to me in two days, and worked with me to make sure I had transportation (they have rentals for like 15 dollars a day). I got the same manager every time I went to Prestige, and he was absolutely professional and worked to make the experience a pleasure. My car looks brand new--you can't even tell. You can't ask for more than the best work at a completely reasonable price. Next time, I will be coming here. Hands down--the best experience with my car I've ever had. 
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